The National Institute for Education Assessment (NIEA) was established on January 26, 2010 via a collaborative effort between the National Education Examinations Authority and Beijing Normal University. The demands of our national education reform and development have provided impetus for this initiative. Primary NIEA functions include 1) attracting and integrating national and international resources and expertise to develop major research initiatives regarding education assessments; 2) producing research findings that have pragmatic relevance in applied settings; and 3) promoting significantly enhanced education assessments in China. The NIEA vision is to provide a platform for the development of innovative and relevant assessment practices that result in effective dissemination of research findings and, ultimately, enhanced educational processes.

NIEA’s Cardinal Values:

The Institute seeks to integrate financial and human resources, expand the constituencies served, strengthen research capacity, deepen research influence, and promote scientifically sound standardized practices. It also aims to provide strategic and practical advice for policymakers as well as comprehensive high quality guidance for promoting educational reform and human development.      

NIEA’s Operational Scope:

The Institute sponsors research projects involving education assessment, related theoretical orientations and practical issues.  It makes concerted efforts to expand the breadth and depth of educational assessment, provide professional & related personnel training, promote international exchange & collaboration, offer educational policy evaluation & subsequent guidance, and assist with the publication of China Examinations journal.

NIEA’s Goals:

NIEA leverages institutional innovations and integrates various types of educational resources.  It continually strives to be the leading research center for educational assessment in the country and achieve international prominence. Additionally, it intends to become a pre-eminent institute for policy, advice, evaluation, intelligence, international exchange and training with regard to the craft of assessment.

NIEA’s Organizational Structure:

NIEA has developed and maintained a structure that promotes results oriented project-management via a co-founder council leadership approach. It emphasizes innovative reflection, dynamic inquiry and relevant application of findings to yield results that are deemed essential for fostering high quality assessment practices.